Setting New Year Goals

How will this new year be any different from the previous one for you? The answer is simple: it will only differ if you make it different. Picture the passing year as a track you have been running on for the last 12 months. You departed from […]

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Cómo complicar lo que es fácil

Cómo complicar lo que es fácil Por motivos ajenos a mi comprensión, a muchas personas les gusta complicar aun las cosas más simples en la vida. A continuación les presento 3 razones principales por esta condición. 1. La ignorancia De esta condición ningún ser humano se libra. […]

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How to complicate simple matters

How to complicate simple matters For reasons beyond my understanding, many people like to complicate even the simplest things in life. Below I present three main reasons for this condition. 1. Ignorance No human being is exempt from this condition. We’re all born entirely ignorant. Thank God […]

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Life Purpose: Personal Vision

VISION Vision is a mental picture – imagination- of something you have a passion to accomplish in the future. It allows you to see where you are going. Therefore, vision is always futuristic.  You cannot fulfill your vision with your eyes fixed on the rear-view mirror of […]

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Self-Discipline is the Highest Form of Discipline. To exercise self-discipline a compelling reason must exist. Otherwise, there is no point to restrain or deprive yourself of something. In my experience, there is no greater reason for self-discipline, than a vision for your life, generated by your life […]

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Life Purpose: Potential, Passion, Purpose

Life is lived with a greater sense of significance when we identify the wonderful qualities we are blessed with. Such distinctive features we all have must first be identified, then we can draw personal significance from them and develop them also. In the following exercise I want […]

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Life Purpose: Uniqueness

Every single human being is born with individual greatness. There are things you enjoy doing in life because you have given the passion to do it! There is a specific reason why each of us is born. A task has been assigned for each of us to […]

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Life Purpose: Your Compass in Life

Where are you going? If you don’t know where you’re going, any vehicle will take you there. If you don’t aim at anything, you will always hit your target. It is hard to arrive at a place you have not yet defined. Traveling doesn’t guarantee that you […]

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Life Purpose: Significance

Some sources from which we can derive certain degrees of significance include love, acceptance, trust, a profession or trade, a social status, a job, or a relationship―especially marital….

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Life Purpose: Peace With Self

To be at peace with self is one major step forward in the process of discovering your life purpose. It is possible to be at peace with others, while wagging great battles inside us. These battles may oppose fiercely our desire to fully accept and embrace ourselves. […]

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