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Cómo complicar lo que es fácil

Cómo complicar lo que es fácil Por motivos ajenos a mi comprensión, a muchas personas les gusta complicar aun las cosas más simples en la vida. A continuación les presento 3 razones principales por esta condición. 1. La ignorancia De esta condición ningún ser humano se libra. […]

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How to complicate simple matters

How to complicate simple matters For reasons beyond my understanding, many people like to complicate even the simplest things in life. Below I present three main reasons for this condition. 1. Ignorance No human being is exempt from this condition. We’re all born entirely ignorant. Thank God […]

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Take a B.A.T.H.

I just don’t see a possible way out! Have you ever faced a problem in which possibilities for a solution seemed almost impossible? Maybe you see a bleak possibility-but that’s it, just one! And this seemingly individual solution, does not provide the outcome you desire or you […]

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Changes and Actions

Changes and Actions Give Birth to Your Future Make a list of 5 things you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months (future). These can be as little as finishing a half-completed school project, cleaning the garage or loosing 10 pounds. Got your list? All right! What changes […]

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