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Setting New Year Goals

How will this new year be any different from the previous one for you? The answer is simple: it will only differ if you make it different. Picture the passing year as a track you have been running on for the last 12 months. You departed from […]

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Self-Discipline is the Highest Form of Discipline. To exercise self-discipline a compelling reason must exist. Otherwise, there is no point to restrain or deprive yourself of something. In my experience, there is no greater reason for self-discipline, than a vision for your life, generated by your life […]

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Try This For a Change

Change is one of the aspects of life that most of us struggle with, in one way or another. Have you ever said, “I need to change this?” There are a variety of reasons for failing to create changes we desire..

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Lead Your Mind To Sleep

I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking! Does this sound familiar? Scores of people  struggle to go to sleep every night. They lose precious time tossing and turning for hours before they can finally get some sleep and by that time it’s almost time to get […]

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Understanding The Effects Of Thoughts

How many thoughts do people entertain simultaneously? It is estimated that at least 150 thoughts are trying to enter your mind in any given minute! Our minds are able to joggle between 5-7 thoughts at a time. We can pick one up and chew on it for […]

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Releasing The Power To Lead Your Mind

Coaching is largely about empowering individuals to create changes and make improvements in different aspects of their lives. Empowering clients to lead themselves, particularly in the area of the mind, has a powerful effect in the coaching process. What Is Leadership? What is the first picture that comes […]

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