As a Christian certified life coach I specialize in helping people change their life story.

Whether you want to conquer fear, improve your career, break negative patterns, fix your relationships or heal from emotional wounds, allow me to help you change your story. You don’t have to drift through life or try to find answers alone.

Living without a sense of purpose and mission

can leave us feeling unfulfilled, lost, stressed, and sometimes depressed.

I believe you can change your life story.

I understand the lonely feeling of living without a sense purpose. That’s why I use my Personal Leadership Coaching Model to help you create guiding principles to live a richer story.


Anything you're unaware of has the potential of controlling you. I help you increase self-awareness to create personal transformation.


Knowing your purpose gives you confidence and focus. I help guide you to discover your God-given brilliance.


Living in alignment with your purpose will inspire others and give you the fulfillment you seek.

My Difference

Using my Personal Leadership Coaching Model, I guide my clients on a path to change their story and live a rich, fulfilling life.

Power-packed Sessions

Our sessions will never be boring! You’ll experience many “Aha” moments that inspire action to change your story.

Immediate Feedback

I’m an excellent listener. I will hear what you say (and what you don’t). You will have my honest feedback that will fuel your determination for change.

Plan of Action

I will help you find what works for you so that you begin to change and live into your richer story.

What MY clients say

Candy Mayura

Executive Coach | United States

“Nestor created a very safe place to talk and introduced theories to me that pushed me to a new level. He was able to help me take a step back and really understand where I was stuck.”

Anshu Patanjali

Trainer | New Delhi, India

“You literally held my hand and took me to the place where I always wanted to be. If it wasn’t for you I might not have achieved all the goals that I had set for myself.”

My Easy Action Plan

I make working with me very simple.


Ask all your questions, discuss your goals and let's ensure we can work together.


Get ready for eye-opening sessions that will guide you in changing your story.


I'll be your guide and supporter as you design and live into your richer story.

My Promise

1. You will have a guide that will help you move toward one small step at a time.

2. You will receive effective communication to help you make steady progress.

3. You will have an honest professional supporting you in changing your life story.

Ready to change your story?

Hire Coach Lima today!

Coach Lima

Nestor Lima is a Christian certified life coach who helps people change their life story. Meet Coach Lima