Where are you headed?

If you don’t know where you’re going, any vehicle will take you there. If you don’t aim at anything, you will always hit your target. It is hard to arrive at a place you have not yet defined.

Traveling doesn’t guarantee that you will arrive somewhere. If you haven’t identified your destination and you decide to travel, how will you know when you get there?

How will you get there?

The means of transportation you choose is determined by your destination. Imagine waking up one day and wanting to go somewhere, but you don’t really know where. You walk to the nearest bus stop or subway. You board the first vehicle that comes your way. The fact that you don’t know where it’s going doesn’t bother you a bit. In fact, it doesn’t even matter because you have no clear picture of your desired destination anyway. Sadly, this scenario depicts the life of many individuals around the world.

People who don’t know their life purpose are as a ship without a navigation system in the sea of life. They also lack:

  • Stability: They are unstable in most areas of their lives.
  • Progress: They seem to be in the same place as they were years ago. They don’t make significant progress in their finances or their personal and spiritual development.
  • Confidence: They are more prone to avoid situations because they lack the self-assurance to confront them.
  • Direction: They don’t have a set course in life; they always follow. They become people pleasers.
  • Decisiveness: Life is composed of a series of constant decisions. Since they don’t know where they’re going, decisions become a dreaded task.

Determine to discover your life purpose and to live with confidence and direction. Your life purpose is the billboard that points you in the right direction.

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Have you discovered your life purpose?

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Nestor Lima