Vision is a mental picture, imagination, of something you have a passion to accomplish in the future.

Vision allows you to see where you’re going. Therefore, vision is always futuristic. You cannot fulfill your vision with your eyes fixed on the rear-view mirror of life!

What are you risking by living without having a vision for your life? What danger do you face by now not knowing the following:

  • How you want to influence others
  • What results you want to see in people under your sphere of influence
  • What is your primary contribution in this world

If you have decided to drift through life —living purposelessly—no matter how big the loss, it won’t mean much to you. If, however, you believe that your existence is proof that this world needs something that resides inside you, then you make a commitment to extract this gift from within and you make it available to others.

What generates vision?

During job interviews, potential candidates are asked, “Where you do see yourself one, three or five years from now?”

Lately, am asking people, “What is your vision for your life? The majority are living day-to-day. They are unable to articulate or paint a clear picture of their future. Their future seems to depend on all the wrong things.

A vision needs to be generated by more than you imagination of fleeting desires. You can’t just pull it out of thin air. It requires something to generate it and then you can visualize it…capture it; embrace it, live into it!

Where there is no vision people perish, according to Proverbs 29:18. The reason people perish is a lack of vision; they have no vision because they haven’t identified their life purpose. Your life purpose, which is God’s original intention for your existence, generates your vision.  Your vision gives way to a new realm of possibilities! Now that you know why you exist and the treasure you possess inside, you can see into the future —vision—based on what you are capable of doing.

When you fully capture and embrace that vision, you tap into a fountain of personal motivation you didn’t know existed. The more clear your vision, the more you can draw from this fountain. Initially, you possess the vision…eventually, the vision possesses you. This is when you become unstoppable and pursue the fulfillment of your vision relentlessly.

What should I do if I don’t have a personal vision?

If your life purpose is not clear, neither is your vision. If you have no vision for your life or it’s just not very clear, you owe it to yourself and to all humanity to discover your life purpose and allow it to generate a clear and concise vision of your future.

Encounter 1K

It is my desire to empower at least 1,000 people to discover their life purpose this year. In doing so, I envision people expanding God’s kingdom, being more fruitful, more effective, more confident, living with focus and direction instead of spinning their wheels, existing but not living, going nowhere and being a mere product of their environment.

A Treasure lies within you waiting to be discovered

When I had an Encounter with my life purpose, it was as if purpose looked at me in my brown eyes and said, “Thank you for seeking me diligently. I’ve been waiting for you. Now, let’s go make it happen!”

If you are unsure about your life purpose, I invite you to join Encounter 1K by visiting . Sign up and I will personally walk with you in a journey to discover it. I work with a maximum of 12 people each quarter. Get more details online.

The greatest human tragedy…unfulfilled purpose!

Nestor Lima