Life is lived with a greater sense of significance when we identify the wonderful qualities we are blessed with.

Such distinctive features we all have must first be identified, then we can draw personal significance from them and develop them also. In the following exercise, I want to challenge you to take time and examine yourself in three areas of your life: Potential, Passion, and Purpose.


Potential is something that exists, not in the physical reality but rather in possibility. Something that exists in potential means that it’s capable of developing into actuality.

Potential can be described as a dormant power, untapped strength, undiscovered capacities, unused success, dormant gifts, hidden talents…

Potential is what you can do, but have not done yet; what you can become, but have not become yet. Potential is the total sum of what you are, but it has not been yet revealed or manifested.

“If you could see yourself in your full potential, you wouldn’t recognize yourself!” – John C. Maxwell.

Write down SEVEN of your positive traits and skills that you already have, at any level, and those you desire to develop more in the near future. Take your time…think thoroughly. Dig deep within yourself.


Passion is a powerful and compelling emotion…it is stronger than desire. Identifying our life passions is a way of knowing more about us.

Write the things that you love to do…things you are most passionate about. This is the kind of stuff you can do every day without becoming disinterested.


Purpose has to do with intentionality. Write those things that bring you meaning and purpose. When you do these things you feel a sense of significance and fulfillment. You identify with these activities so much that people may say, “that sounds like you”, or “I can you see you doing that.”

You affect your life with every action you take and every change you make. I encourage you to take every action and make every change that will bring your life into full alignment with the person you were destined to be!

The book Encounter With Your Life Purpose takes you through a wonderful journey to discover your life purpose.

What things in your life exist in potentiality that you want to turn into reality?

Nestor Lima