There are two sources of significance.

Some sources from which we can derive certain degrees of significance include love, acceptance, trust, a profession or trade, a social status, a job, or a relationship―especially marital.

These are good sources and can certainly make us feel better about ourselves.

However, the main problem with them is their susceptibility to change. These sources are subject to change at any moment.

Therefore, there are two sources of significance: stable and unstable.

Here are some examples of unstable sources of significance:

  • A person who says that he or she loves, accepts and trusts you deeply, can turn against you in a flash.
  • A relationship can end due to death or disagreement.
  • A profession or trade can be lost due to economic problems or technological advances.
  • A social status can crumble due to a poor decision.
  • A job can disappear overnight.

Life Purpose

To truly enjoy the sense of worth and significance we all seek, we need to turn to a stable source―the kind that remains unwavering when we experience the loss of a certain social status, a job, or even a loved one.

We need something that will support us even when everything around us falls apart.

The only source that can provide such support is your life purpose.


Purpose gives us identity. It defines the core of our being.

Significance is highly derived from our identity.

Your life purpose is the invisible umbilical cord that connects and identifies you with your Creator. This connection provides you the greatest sense of significance possible.

Who you are is defined by whose you are.

The external and unstable sources only define our profession, where we live, where we shop, what we wear and what we drive.

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