Every single human being is born with individual greatness. There are things you enjoy doing in life because you have given the passion to do it!

There is a specific reason why each of us is born. A task has been assigned for each of us to accomplish during the days ordained for us. The days ordained for you are different from those ordained for me.

Original Masterpieces

When God created you, He didn’t use a mold―and if He did, He used it once and then broke it! No one has ever, nor will ever, have your identical fingerprints. Simply said: There are no two of you.

You and I are unique and original masterpieces. Whenever I turn on my laptop computer, I don’t type in a password. Instead, I swipe my thumb on the digital fingerprint reader. This is possible in part to the technology available, but more importantly, because in more than 6 billion people currently living on planet Earth, no one else has the same fingerprint as I do. Thousands could line up and swipe their thumb on the reader of my laptop, but it wouldn’t work for anyone else, just me. I love uniqueness!

There is only ONE of you! Even identical twins are different in personalities, interest and so on. There has never been, there isn’t and there will never be another human being identical to you!

What should you do with your uniqueness?

Treasure it. Embrace it. Love it! Your uniqueness doesn’t make you inferior or superior to anyone else; it makes you different! It is very easy to live out your difference in a world where many people are trying to be like somebody else.

Stand out. Be you. Be original. Be different. Live out your uniqueness!

Nestor Lima