As a young boy, Nestor was a well behaved child. By the time he turned 12, he began to hang out with the wrong crowd in school. His heart became calloused, and the love and respect he once had for his parents was thrown out the window. He formed his own gang leading him to a lifestyle of promiscuity, fighting, drug selling and weapon trafficking.

Each December he would say to himself that the following year he was going to change, cleanup his act, and be different. The next year he found himself deeper in his path of destruction than the previous year.

At age 19 on December 4, 1990 at 8:45 in the evening he had a radical encounter with God. As he gave his life to the Lord, his hardened heart was replaced with an acute sensitivity for God and people. He began preaching six months after his conversion and baptism. And the rest is history.

After walking with God for over 16 years, he discovered his life purpose. He describes this personal encounter as “being born again, one more time.” This event led him to becoming a certified professional life coach to help people live an overcoming life. 

Today, Nestor teaches on topics relating to spiritual growth – life purpose, family, and the Jewish roots of our Christian faith. He speaks in conferences, churches, and teaches Equip classes at his local church (Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas). In addition, he leads tours to Israel to help believers experience God on a deeper level.

Nestor is married to his wife Dina of twenty four years with whom he has two beautiful daughters. Together, they teach parenting classes and workshops, family conferences, and coach parents on how navigate the difficult task of parenting while connecting with the hearts of their children. His daughters are students at The King’s University in Southlake, Texas where they are pursuing degrees that align with their calling. Gianna studies theology with a concentration on messianic Jewish studies and desires to travel the globe teaching and being a bridge to improve Jewish-Christian relations. Nathalia is pursuing counseling studies and desires to become a licensed professional counselor.

As believers, Nestor and his family have experienced different seasons of personal and spiritual growth including discovering purpose, making God’s kingdom principles relevant in everyday life, pursuing God’s calling, strengthening their family bond, and growing in deeper understanding and study of the Bible in a historical Jewish context.

Nestor is an example that God’s power changes hearts and destinies, and His love transforms people from darkness to light, from apathy to action, from indifference to love.