Pastors Nestor and Dina Lima are founders of Nestor Lima Ministries and Shalom Church in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. As teachers in the body of Christ, they see the need for education in the knowledge of the Bible. Their mission is to educate and help believers fall in love with God’s Word. They teach how to study the Bible in a first-century context to uncover our spiritual heritage and identity. Their teaching topics include the culture of Jesus and the Bible, Biblical feasts, family, life purpose, and leadership, and also lead Passover Seders.

Pastor Nestor’s teaching ministry spans over thirty years. He is a dynamic teacher who imparts understanding and revelation of God’s Word. In addition, he is a certified professional life coach and author of Encounter With Your Life Purpose, Your Maximum Life, and Mastering the Art of Personal Leadership.

Together they co-wrote Beyond Parenting: Building a Godly Dynasty and Passover Seder: Messianic Passover Haggadah, a Guide for Christians.

Pastor Dina has a passion for God’s Word and compassion for people. She develops educational and discipleship materials for the ministry. As director of Shalom Women, she loves discipling and mentoring women to find God’s peace in the midst of everyday chaos. Pastor Dina is the general editor of Messianic Stories: How Christian and Jewish Believers are Coming Together and is working on other books to be published soon. 

Pastor Nestor and Dina have been married for over 26 years and have two beautiful daughters named Gianna and Nathalia.