We offer interactive seminars and workshops that inspire personal growth, community, and family unity.


We help believers discover their place in God’s Kingdom and teach Biblical principles to help them:

  • Understand the message of the Kingdom
  • Discover their unique purpose
  • Become effective disciples of Jesus

FAMILY classes

We equip parents to become the best parents they can be by using Biblical guidelines for relational parenting. The BEYOND PARENTING curriculum helps parents think generationally to:

  • Become better people
  • Become better parents
  • Build a lasting legacy

Jewish Roots workshops

We teach a healthy and balanced perspective of Israel, the Jewish people, the Church, and their roles in God’s Kingdom. Additionally, we offer Messianic tours to Israel to Spanish-speaking audiences through ISRAEL AHORA.

To promote unity in the Body of Christ, we established and host Reconnected Events and Workshops encouraging believers to:

  • Worship together with local Messianic Jewish communities
  • Reconcile with our Messianic Jewish brethren
  • Celebrate unity and brotherly love in the Body of Christ

How we can help your church

Our interactive workshops will equip and inspire your Church to grow and take action.


We help believers discover their place in God's Kingdom.


We equip parents to become the best parents they can be.


We guide believers to honor the Jewish roots of their faith.