It is possible to be at peace with others while fighting a fierce inner battle with yourself.

Identity conflicts wage war against your sincere desire to fully accept and embrace who you are. Feelings such as inadequacy and inferiority are symptoms of inner battles. You may have physical features you struggle to accept fully. It may be the height, a birthmark, the nose, the ears, the lips and so on.

Growing up if we were teased or called names because of a prominent feature, it can affect us into our adult years. Beneath the surface, the voices of our bullies are hindering us from making peace with ourselves. We can cut off the negative voices by dealing with them properly.

What Is Peace With Self?

You know you have conquered the “acceptance” battle when you can look into the mirror and absolutely love every inch of your glorious body! Being at peace with self is accepting:

  • The color of your skin, eyes, and hair
  • The tone of your voice
  • Your name
  • Your height and frame
  • Your nationality and culture
  • The family you were born into
  • The period in time when you were born

How Do You Make Peace With Self?

Peace with self is never achieved by listening to the voice of your critics, but rather by seeing yourself through the eyes of your Designer. You are a masterpiece! You are fully and adequately designed to carry out your unique purpose.

Once you make peace with yourself, it will be easier to discover and live out your purpose because you’ll love who you are!

You won’t feel resentful toward God for creating you the way you are, being born to the family you were born into, or which country you entered the world through. If there are areas that you need help embracing, seek competent help. A life coach can assist you in this important matter.

What things have you tried doing to make peace with your self?