How May We Serve You?

Below is an overview of how we might best serve you and your community, and a taste of what you can expect during our time together. Please contact us to answer any questions you may have.

What You Can Expect

  • Prompt and professional communication to help make your event a success.
  • Announcement of your event through our ministry's social media platforms.
  • Follow-up after your event for your feedback and support.

Types of Events

Whether your next event is a conference, workshop, retreat, one-night gathering, leadership event or church service, we would love to consider joining you. We have successfully partnered with churches and organizations to bring dynamic messages tailored to the needs of varied audiences.

Nestor motivates men to be the best husbands and fathers and leave a lasting legacy.

Nestor and Dina’s clear, fun and practical approach equips parents to strengthen family bonds.

Nestor’s authentic teachings inspire people to live with identity and purpose.

Popular Topics

Discover your unique purpose and solidify your identity to live a fulfilling life.

Learn how to connect with the hearts of your children and become the best parent you can be.

Gain biblical and practical wisdom to build the strong and fun marriage you desire.

Get insights on how to master the art of personal leadership to live your purpose.

Understand the Jewish roots of your Christian faith to deepen your personal walk with God.

Be inspired with biblical truths to live with identity and purpose and leave a lasting legacy.

“The teaching that Dr. Nestor brought to our prophetic conference strengthened our faith. His explanation on the life of Abraham, Samson and other men through whom God carried out his purpose was an eye-opener. We love how he explains the lives of each patriarch from a Jewish perspective. May God continue to use you greatly!” -Pastors Mejia, Fe Agrada A Dios Church