Have you ever faced a problem which seemed unsolvable?

Like me you probably thought, “I just don’t see a possible way out!”

When we’re in the midst of the storm, we may see a bleak possibility; but that’s it, just ONE! The seemingly single solution does not even promise the outcome we really want.

For 99% of the problems faced in life, there is always more than one solution. How come we barely see one, if any? Largely, it is due to the way we approach the problem at hand.

Here’s a powerful approach for you to consider when facing the next challenge that comes your way: Take a B.A.T.H. I believe it can really help you.

How B.A.T.H. Works


Be sure to know all the details about the situation. Do your best to avoid jumping to conclusions based on partial or imagined information. Try to break the problems into small pieces and work on one piece at a time.


Ask powerful questions to yourself and anyone else involved. Questions can reveal not just one possible solution, but others you had not considered as well. Questions expand our perspective and allow us to see deeper and wider.

Some of the key questions to ask include:

  • If I was an outsider looking at my problem, how would I see it?
  • Has anyone else faced a similar problem and how did they solve it?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen?


Most of the issues we face do not require an answer or solution immediately.

Typically, when we receive bad news or face a challenge is not the best time to make a decision. It is best to avoid making critical decisions in the heat of an argument, shocking news, or after a long day when you’re completely exhausted. In the midst of the problem the emotions are running high and you cannot think clearly or objectively. If you can, I suggest you confront the situation when you have cooled off and feel well rested.

Today you may not see a solution, but it doesn’t mean that tomorrow you won’t. Don’t feel obligated to solve the problem immediately. As time passes and you analyze the situation, additional answers will become more evident.


We all face problems… big, small and in between.

Consider the physical and emotional effects of handling problems with a mindset that “there are no solutions.” Such negative approach not only affects our health, but in severe cases it can lead to homicides and suicides. Sadly, when a man ends his own life or someone else’s, it is because he only saw ONE solution to his problem.

Imagine facing life with a perspective that there is always more than one solution to any problem! A powerful key to unlocking additional answers is to take a B.A.T.H.

Make sense?