You were born without limits!

We don’t believe in limits as we enter the world. If that was the case we would have never made it in the first place…way too much competition!

We entered this world as fighters and conquerors! What happened?

No, no, no Johnny! Don’t touch that! Don’t do that….for most of us, these are the first words we ever hear. We don’t know how to walk or talk and limits are being imposed on us from the get-go.

Got a Virus

As we grow up we gather information in our database – the mind! That information comes from our family, our school, neighborhood, church and personal experiences.

If someone in our family fails us or we have bad personal experiences with finances or relationships, unfortunately, that “virus-infected” information is also added to our database and it tends to infect other areas of our thought world.

It’s amazing how one negative and limited thought in one area of our life can contaminate other parts of us!

Need an Anti-Virus

Here are three antidotes for negative and limiting thoughts…Norton and McAffe have nothing on this!

  • Nothing has control over your mind unless you yield control to it!
  • A limiting or negative thought is limited! It does not operate in everyone’s mind. It only moves and operates in those who welcome or allow it!
  • Whatever you are aware of you can control…whatever you are unaware of controls you!

The moment you confront it and disallow its operation it must cease all activity!
I can only confront thoughts I am aware of.

So the one thing I must do is increase my awareness of my thought world.

Taking the Lid off Limits

Confront every single limiting thought about you, your family and others. Confront it with questions such as:

  • Where has this limit originated?
  • Who is imposing this limit?
  • Is it me? My spouse?
  • How do these limits affect my personal and business life?

Remove the lid, take it off and live life just the way you entered this world, leading yourself to live among millions, fighting the odds and without limits!

What are some ways that you’ve taken the lid off your limits?

Nestor Lima