Understanding The Effects Of Thoughts

How many thoughts do people entertain simultaneously?

It is estimated that at least 150 thoughts are trying to enter your mind in any given minute!

Our minds are able to joggle between 5-7 thoughts at a time.

We can pick one up and chew on it for a little bit, while the other thoughts are lined up and shoving one another fighting for position right outside the door of our mind, eagerly waiting for the door to open so it can rush in!

You may have witnessed people who forget what they were about to say in mid sentence. It is as the mind was electrically short-circuited and it goes blank. This is often because of the complex joggling going on in their thought world! Other times someone would take off with one thought and land with a completely different one!

The thoughts that I chose to entertain will determine greatly:

  • My feelings
  • My actions
  • My results

My thoughts have a direct effect on my emotions and my emotions have great influence on my actions. Obviously, my actions will determine my results.

Every battle is for the mind! If something external can capture your mind it can lead you, even though it may be 1,000 miles away!

What techniques have you used to take control of your thoughts?

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