What I received from Coach Lima in one word is direction. This is the first time in the past 4 years that I’ve felt I have control over my future.  Now I feel I can drive my life into my purpose.  I have a new sense of direction compatible with who I’m created to be!

My self-confidence has boosted tremendously, and I’ve been empowered to direct personal relationships in a healthy path.  I’ve never met or heard of anyone that can so effectively coach and empower you on a personal basis to find your purpose like Coach Lima.  You will produce the most when you are living a life of purpose.

Karen Chaparro
Co-Owner, Gmaids.com

Nestor has a gift!  Nestor created a very safe place to talk and introduced theories to me that pushed me to a new level.  He was able to help me take a step back and really understand where I was stuck.

I was able to attack my objectives head on with some of the theories Nestor introduced to me… I found myself growing by the week. For example, Nestor really used his theory of leadership of self to get me to control my anxiety and thoughts. His coaching techniques are well thought out and useful in everyday and business life.  I enjoyed every moment with Nestor.  His friendly demeanor and positive attitude are contagious!

I am a single mom…  I had no time for me and was really hard on myself.  He helped me to manage that and plan for results as well as balance in my own life.  Nestor also was right there with me when I wanted to find my spirituality again and needed some guidance on how to handle such a powerful awakening.

Anyone looking to grow as an individual should seriously consider coaching from Nestor Lima…

Candy Mayura
Executive Coach

Nestor has been like a best friend to me. You literally held my hand and took me to the place where I always wanted to be. If it wasn’t for you I might not have achieved all the goals that I had set for myself. Your coaching has been a process of self discovery. I can’t thank you enough for helping me become my own leader!”

There are some new abilities which I have discovered in me. I have learned a lot about leadership of self and its importance in life. I have started thinking about situations from different perspectives.

I have started applying what I learned in real time situations. For example – I don’t let the thoughts control me, I control them now. For me this was the biggest barrier in moving forward.

I think the coaching was brilliant. I achieved almost all of the goals that I had set initially!

I really appreciate my coach for being so patient and persistent with me. He always understood exactly what I needed in order to move forward and made me realize what works for me and what does not. His acknowledgments at every step have worked wonders for me.

Anshu Patanjali
New Delhi, India

Coaching helped me transition to a newly discovered level of achievement and self-realization.  It birthed an appreciation for myself and all I am capable of.  With the wisdom of my Coach I was able to unfold and develop my character.

The encouragement I received brought out my strengths and strengthened areas of my life and my character that needed growth.  My experience with Coach Lima was, and continues to be, life enhancing.  It has taken my schema of life and self-concept to a higher level!

Rebecca Garcia
Singer, College Student

I first started life coaching because I was confused about my ‘assignment’ in life.  I felt if I talked to Coach Lima and considered his approach to life coaching, perhaps it would put an end to the age old question I have had since I was born, ‘What am I here for?’

I have had that question for a lifetime without any permanent answers, just a few ideas, but nothing solid. Working with Coach Lima reaffirmed the things I already knew about myself and solidified my God given purpose on earth: to love and protect.

We started with some exercises that made me very aware of areas in my life where I had let others make decisions for me; areas where I did not want to take responsibility and did not realize it.  This left me powerless in these areas of my life.

One of the biggest things I wanted to work on was relationships.

Midway through the process, something inside of me changed drastically; my inability to submit others or to meet someone halfway, was being taken from me and a new understanding took place, how working within the guidelines can help me, and how NOT allowing others in my life was a wall to my developing valuable relationships.  This was a huge turning point for me.

Without Coach Lima and his guidance, I would still be bumping into walls wondering, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ and going no where.  I now feel that I am on the right path, heading in the right direction.

Thank God for Life Coaching with Coach Lima!  He has blessed my life in a way where I will NEVER go back to where I once was.

Shelleylyn McGraw
New York