Drs. Nestor and Dina Lima are founders of Shalom People Ministries and Nestor Lima Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas. Their teachings center on studying the Bible in its Hebraic cultural context to help broaden the understanding and application of God’s Word. In addition, they lead Passover Seders and offer seminars on leadership, family, and Biblical feasts. Nestor and Dina are bilingual and reach Spanish and English-speaking audiences. To host a conference in your church, submit your request here.

Dr. Nestor Lima is a dynamic preacher, teacher, and author with a ministry that spans over thirty-three years. He is the author of Encounter With Your Life Purpose, Your Maximum Life, Mastering the Art of Personal Leadership, and co-author of Beyond Parenting and Passover Seder. Dr. Nestor holds a Master’s and Doctor of Ministry in Theological Studies and completed Hebraic-Christian studies with the former Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. A lifetime learner, Dr. Nestor continues his Hebraic-Christian education.

Dr. Dina Lima is a dynamic Bible teacher and author who is passionate about helping believers fall in love with God’s Word. She is the general editor of Messianic Stories and co-author of Beyond Parenting and Passover Seder, a practical and compact guide for Christians who desire to celebrate Passover with a Messianic flavor. Dr. Dina holds an MBA degree, an M.S. in Computer Science, and a Master’s and Doctor of Ministry in Theological Studies. A lifetime learner, Dr. Dina continues her Hebraic-Christian education.

Drs. Nestor and Dina Lima have been married for over twenty-eight years and are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Gianna and Nathalia.