We simplify the understanding of the Bible through a Hebraic lens to uncover God’s beautiful plan of redemption for humanity.

Our objective is not to convert anyone to Judaism, but rather to provide a background so that you can have a better context when reading and studying God’s Word and thus enrich your personal walk with God.

We help believers:

  • Rekindle a love for the Bible in its Hebraic context
  • Renew a genuine love for Israel and the Jewish people
  • Understand the Messianic prophetic movement
  • Prepare for the return of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah


Nestor Lima is the founder and pastor of Shalom Church located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. His Bible-teaching ministry spans more than 30 years. Nestor had a radical encounter with Jesus on December 4, 1990. Five years later, he married Dina, a daughter of pastors who have served in ministry for more than 55 years. In 2013, Nestor was part of a mission trip to Argentina where he ministered in a Messianic congregation for the first time. Impacted by this experience, he led his family to find out more about their Christian faith in its original Hebraic context. A passionate teacher, author, and certified life coach, he enjoys teaching the Bible with a messianic perspective that helps believers experience the fullness of our spiritual heritage and deepen their personal walk with God.