In 2013, Nestor was part of a Gateway Global Ministry trip to Argentina where he ministered in a Messianic congregation for the first time in his life. The Lord revealed to him that his ignorance and indifference toward our Messianic brethren was a form of anti-Semitism. Impacted by the experience, he led his family to diligently seek and learn about the Jewish roots of their faith.

They held a celebration similar to a Bat-Mitzvah for both their daughters. Together with his family, Nestor became very involved with Gateway Jewish Ministry. In addition, he pursued further studies with Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI) completing all three levels of their certificate program.


In June of 2018, Nestor and three generations of his family traveled to Israel. With a desire to experience Israel’s rich culture in a new way, they planned their trip — three generations: Nestor and his family, his father, and his sister and her husband. While there, the Lord began to stir Nestor with the idea of facilitating a Messianic experience for Hispanic pastors and believers in their native Spanish language.


The Lord granted Nestor and his family the desire to worship at King of Kings Community and at Messianic congregation Nachalat Yeshuateinu where Nestor was privileged to carry the Torah during the procession for the first time in his life. They also enjoyed Shabbat dinner with Michael and Patricia Bryan, elders, at King of Kings. As a family, they were drawn to a renewed and genuine love for Israel and the Jewish people.


In August of 2018, Nestor received a prophetic word at a leaders meeting at Gateway Church NRH. At the meeting, one of the prophetic pastors singled Nestor out and among other things said, “God has some powerful assignments for you… There’s going to come a time in the next probably year or two when this word is going to begin to really unfold and make sense to you.” During their family trip to Israel just two months prior, Nestor had felt stirred to facilitate a Messianic experience to Hispanic pastors and believers in Israel, but it had just been an idea.


In the summer of 2019, Nestor decided to do something about the stirring he had felt the previous year in Israel. Praying and sharing with his family, Nestor took a step of faith and formed Israel Ahora (Israel Now). The mission is to equip Hispanic pastors and believers with a healthy and balanced understanding of Israel and the Jewish roots of their faith through education and Messianic tours to Israel in their Spanish language. He held the first interest meeting at Fe Agrada A Dios (Faith Pleases God) Church in Oklahoma City, OK. Many expressed it was an answered prayer, and some registered the same day. The first trip was planned for April 2020 and later postponed to April 2021 due to the global pandemic.


In the fall of 2019, Nestor received a deeper sense of God’s vision for Hispanic believers through Israel AhoraHe felt stirred with another idea of establishing and hosting reconciliation events, which he would later name Reconnected Events & Workshops. The vision for these events is to promote unity between Gentile Christians and Messianic Jews.


The goal of Israel Ahora is to reach Hispanic pastors and believers with a healthy and balanced understanding of Israel and the Jewish people through education and a Messianic experience in Israel in their own Spanish language. The vision has expanded to offer the tours in English as well. The purpose is to help believers deepen their personal walk with God.