Every person desires to feel valued.

Some sources from which we derive a degree of significance include a relationship, acceptance, trust, career, social status, a position or title. These are good sources and can certainly make us feel better about ourselves. But they are susceptible to change at any moment.

Two sources of significance to consider are stable and unstable.

Unstable Sources

Some examples of unstable sources of significance are:

  • A person who says that he/she loves, accepts and trusts you deeply can turn against you in a flash.
  • A relationship can end due to death, disagreement or other.
  • A profession or trade can be lost due to economic problems or technological advances.
  • A social status can crumble due to a poor decision.
  • A job or title can disappear overnight.

The Stable Source

To really feel valued and enjoy a sense of self-worth, we need to turn to a stable source we can rely on―the kind that remains unwavering when we experience any type loss. We need something that will support us even when everything around us falls apart.

The only source that can provide such support is your God-given purpose.

Purpose gives you identity.

It defines the core of your being. It is the invisible umbilical cord that connects and identifies you with your Creator.

Who you are is defined by whose you are. External things are unstable sources that give us temporary sense of value―our profession, where we live, where we shop, what we wear, or what we drive.

Your purpose comes from a divine, stable source―God himself.

Knowing your purpose will give you the greatest sense of value you could ever dream of.

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