There are 4 levels of interest in all the things we do.

In which one of these levels do you operate?


Hope can be a great source of strength when we go through unexpected adversities in life. However, hope can be a double-edged sword – it can paralyze us. When you say “I hope to…”, you are saying that it is out of your control. You could be excusing yourself.

Someone said that many people don’t challenge the bars of their prison because their environment has been sprayed with hope.


A want is higher than hope but it’s not enough! You admit that there is something you can do about it but you are not necessarily willing to commit. For example, not sticking to your goal of being in top shape.

Most people who need to work in this area will tell you straight up that they really want to be at their ideal weight.


A “want” can turn into a desire. You know you desire something when you are thinking about it constantly and are looking for ways to accomplish it. Desire intensifies and can certainly drive you see your goals completed.


Passion is a powerful emotion that compels you to action to get what you really desire. This is the highest level of interest. You are willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. You get other people involved if necessary, such as an accountability partner or hiring a coach. You are resolute and nothing stops you. You are fully committed to accomplishing your goal and obstacles just better get out of your way!

The first three levels of interest lead to a mediocre lifestyle. Wherever you see the passion in your life, you will see accomplishments.

What are your top 10 passions?