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Self-Discipline is the Highest Form of Discipline. To exercise self-discipline a compelling reason must exist. Otherwise, there is no point to restrain or deprive yourself of something. In my experience, there is no greater reason for self-discipline, than a vision for your life, generated by your life […]

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Are You Enjoying Life?

Breathing is not proof that one is living…it simply indicates that one is alive. Living is more that breathing just as communication is more than waiting for your chance to talk. So, are you living or just breathing? It’s very easy to go through life following a […]

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The Clock is Ticking

What date is it? It’s February, can you believe it? One month of this New Year is already gone! You and I have about 330 days to accomplish our goals set for this year. The newness of the year wears out pretty quickly. Before the end of […]

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Changes and Actions

Changes and Actions Give Birth to Your Future Make a list of 5 things you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months (future). These can be as little as finishing a half-completed school project, cleaning the garage or loosing 10 pounds. Got your list? All right! What changes […]

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Hope, Want, Desire, Passion!

There are 4 levels of interest in all things we do…. In which one of these levels do you operate? Hope Hope can be a great source of strength when one goes through unexpected adverse events in life. However, hope can be a double-edge sword: It can […]

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Taking The Lid Off Limits!

I knew no limits! We are born without limits! We don’t believe in limits as we enter the world. If that was the case we would have never made it in the first place…way too much competition! We entered this world as fighters and conquerors! What happened? […]

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