Try This For a Change

Change is one of the aspects of life that most of us struggle with, in one way or another.

Have you ever said, “I need to change this?” There are a variety of reasons for failing to create changes we desire.

Consider the following three keys whenever you set out to change something about yourself.

The Motive

Let’s start with the motive.

Do you want to change, or is it someone else who wants you to change?

There’s nothing wrong with someone else encouraging the change. However, if the desire doesn’t come from within, the change will not be permanent.

As soon as the external motivator is gone, you return right back, to your old ways.

Change cannot be imposed upon by someone else.

The Catalyst

You do want to change, but you are not making much progress. The will to change is not enough to change!

What is the catalyst for change?

What mechanisms you do have in place?

The answer…accountability!

Accountability is a powerful tool.

The moment you think about being accountable for your actions to someone else, your perspective shifts. Now, before you engage in the old behavior, you think twice. You know you will receive the daily, or weekly call from your accountability partner and this serves as a deterrent.

This is one of the reasons that life coaching is so effective.We hold our clients accountable for the goals they want to achieve and the changes they desire to make.

I have seen procrastinators change into great achievers!

In sports, whenever a team is not performing well, they take a deep look at the coach!

How is your catalyst for change working?

The Reward

The ability to say, “I used to __________ but I don’t any more”, is so empowering!

You now have control over that “thing” that controlled you in the past. It can be a bad personal habit, or even things of a bigger nature. But whatever it may be, it no longer controls you.

Make a list of things you would like to change or improve.

Consider your motives, use the right tool, and envision your rewards…a better you!

Change is a possibility!

What steps have worked in your life to make changes?

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